Internal Communication and Areas of Improvement

InternalIn the today’s world, firms tend to target efficient external communication with their customers, partners, investors and so on. Nevertheless, many people may take internal communication for granted, yet it is internal communication that drives day-to-day businesses and make firms productive. Fast flow of information among employee’s structure (for example, from upper management to the project team), different modes of communication, coordinated team work – all of them help firms function effectively. In this article, we are going to explain ways of internal communication and areas of future improvement by using QC Immigration as the example.

Employee Communication is the basic and a facilitating strategy for firms to achieve business goals and improve their overall performance. A good atmosphere within a firm also helps to build a reputation and a strong brand name. QC Immigration is a small-sized legal firm with only three workers (including the director herself) working in the office. As the primary objective of QC Immigration is to help and serve its clients, there are various communication methods that QC Immigration can use between workers.

Of course, the most common type of the communication in QC Immigration is Face-to-Face (F2F) connections. This way of communication allows workers discuss issues without wasting time waiting and receive the feedback straightaway. As QC Immigration is relatively a small firm, F2F communication is the easiest, fastest and the most effective way for the employees of the company to interact with each other.

Moreover, nowadays it is difficult to imagine the communication without the usage of emails, social media sources and calls. Calls through phone or Skype is the second main type of the communication used in QC Immigration. It helps to reach people even if he or she is not in the office or ill, or when it is necessary.

Besides, email is a highly effective tool for the internal communication in the company. Of course, it cannot replace face-to-face communication but still, emails are really convenient and not restricted to time and location. In QC Immigration, emails are used to share basic information among workers. For example, overall notifications concerning changes are sent by emails. Generally speaking, emails to QC Immigration are convenient, easy and cost-effective.

Despite the size of the company, improving the way of internal communication has always had a significant impact on the overall performance. An effective communication in the company helps to increase employee engagement and cooperation, as well as save time and money. After analysing the current communication status of QC Immigration, we came up with some ideas, hoping to help QC Immigration improve its internal communication.

Setting Regular Processes to Save Time
The creation of the rule, such as communicating every morning for 5 minutes, can save time of sharing the information and keep workers informed.

Online Meetings
Boring, time-wasting meetings are one of the characteristics of almost every company. Nowadays online meetings can significantly save time and help to engage workers. Taking into account that some workers in QC Immigration are temporary or part-time trainees/interns, as well as that the director may not be in her office all the time or even outside UK, online meetings are very helpful to reach everyone and make sure that all the tasks are in progress.

Employee Survey
It is a great way to get to know all the difficulties employees face during the communication process. Also, they easily can point out the areas of improvement or obstacles in sharing the information.

In today’s society, being competitive does not mean having the latest or up-to-date technologies, but getting people engaged. Based on the interview with the director, we know that QC Immigration is a small-sized company having few employees working in a friendly environment. Face-to-face communication and emails are widely practiced in this company. Nevertheless, new rules and an active involvement of technologies into internal communication processes might help the further development of the company.



One thought on “Internal Communication and Areas of Improvement

  1. You start with defining internal and employee communication. You show that in your research you have identified prime channels within QC Immigration. The company seems heavily reliant on email and give reasons for this. You also come up with some practical suggestions for the company but do not state how these suggestions were received. Nevertheless this shows an analytical approach to your research. You also include a reference. A good, detailed post.


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