Social Media: Communiting with the World

As briefly mentioned in the previous post about the assumptions versus reality, we touched upon the social media sites that QC immigration uses. They have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and their own website, which we are going to take a better look at in this post. Social media is a great platform for companies to promote themselves and get involved with their clients or audience. It would be surprising to find a company without any social media sites. So often we see big companies using media for marketing purposes and being good at it, but smaller companies tend to pay less attention to social media and may even consider it unnecessary for their business. Time might be the reason, as smaller companies usually have only few employees and do not have additional personnel responsible for social media. This is also the case with QC immigration, as they have only one regular employee and occasionally they may have more if they take interns. But even then, the number of employees is still not enough for social media additional to day-to-day tasks. The director, Ms. Qiyin Chuah, is instead responsible for updating their social media sites. The information given on these sites is mainly about updates on the law or discussions or tips on what is good and what is bad. They also include information about the European law and possible consequences.


QC Website

This is a picture from QC Immigration’s website ( Here they have all the basic information about the company, such as where it is located, how it was founded, what kind of services they provide, testimonials, latest news, as well as how to contact them. The design of the website is outsourced to related professionals and the website is not updated very often due to a lack of labor force. Sometimes the director does change something in the text but not the layout. On the website they have quotes from their clients to give an idea of what to perhaps expect, and there is also a chance to contact QC immigration by leaving a message.

QC Website_2

The news section provides a lot of important information about new regulations or some aspects you might have to take into account when seeking for their help. By giving this information to the audience, the clients can already identify the assistance they need from QC Immigration, which in turn saves the director time because she doesn’t have to answer the same questions that are already provided on the website.


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook and Twitter are used for passing on information and they are not very actively used. The posts by QC Immigration on both Facebook and Twitter are usually identical, as not all of the audience is going to be using only one, so posting the same information on both sites is more likely to guarantee that the followers will see what is posted. Most of the posts include links, so even on twitter with 140-character limit, the audience won’t miss any important information. Here’s an example of the same post on both social media platforms. As I mentioned before, the posts are mostly articles relating to either law, immigration issues and news or something that the company is doing, for example the director gave a speech at an event.

Qiyin Chuah, the director of the company also uses LinkedIn, and she mentioned in the interview that LinkedIn is the platform in which she is more actively engaged. This is more of an individual page and is not related to the company as such.

QC LinkedIn

As for the use of social media, there could definitely be improvements, but at the moment they simply don’t have enough employees and time to actively manage social media for marketing purposes. Perhaps in the future this could be a more relevant issue and some changes could be made, but for now it works perfectly fine as it is.



One thought on “Social Media: Communiting with the World

  1. You start with your original assumptions and make some shrewd observations about the potential differences in attitude to social media between big and small companies. I like how you present screenshots examples to illustrate the points you are making. You have identified the resource issue as being central to the social media activities of a company. Thank QC for allowing you to share this information so openly,


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