Reflections, Part 1



Writing a blogpost for this company project was firstly a pleasure and secondly a very interesting thing to do.

I have learned so much about QC Immigration since me and my colleagues started to do some research about the company and its communication methods.

I am very impressed how the director of QC Immigration can handle all the paper work by herself and only with the help of one to two employees. It is also interesting to see that even though this is a small company, it is still well-functioned.

After having an enjoyable interview via skype with the director, we had a better idea about this company. In addition, we advanced our understanding of the company as a legal firm and how it communicates with its stakeholders.

Our assumptions were really close to the reality which is interesting to me because at the beginning we weren’t that familiar with this company.

I really enjoyed the interview we had with the director and it kind of changed my point of view when it comes to being an entrepreneur. I always found it interesting being an entrepreneur but I never thought that it could be so phenomenal and even possible.

This task made me think about creating my own blog. I have never even thought about having my own blog but now I find writing blogposts very interesting and fun. I think that changes are actually not bad and we should always give it a try when it comes to once-in-a-life-time opportunities.


During the implementation of the project and communication with the director of QC Immigration, we have encountered some challenges when organizing meetings. This happened for several reasons:

  1. The need to combine a tight working schedule of the director and our schedule of classes.
  2. different geographical locations (UK and Finland).

Despite the difficulties, we were able to find a convenient time and method of communication, which was the meeting via Skype. Another type of communication, through which we have interacted with the company, was the correspondence by email.

I believe that the usage of email is not very convenient in this kind of projects, because the information exchange process is slowed down significantly, while the contact person has to do double work. Emails, nevertheless, are effective for communication between two people or to establish a contact for the first time. I am satisfied with the results of our work. Communicating with the QC Immigration was an interesting experience, which helped me to understand the theoretical foundations of communication and see their practical application. I realized that the choice of the right channel of communication largely contributes to the success of the project. After learning from effective and ineffective communications with QC Immigration, I am convinced that I can make a better choice in terms of communication channels next time.


In my opinion, the objective of this company project is twofold. One concerns the understanding of a company’s communication patterns and methods and the company in our case is QC Immigration. The other concerns how to communicate effectively among team members. Being the contact person between the director and other team members is never easy. It took me some time, for instance, to arrange a convenient time for both the director and other team members to have an interview. However, with the help of communication software (such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger), I was able to speed up the process whenever I wanted to or had to communicate with my team members.

Besides, I think that the interview with the director went really well. It was partially because we did some background research on QC Immigration as well as consulted communication-related literature before the interview. By doing this, we could come up with the questions leading to the key information we would like to know. Despite the fact that the information we got from the director is not as much as we had expected, I personally am very satisfied with the results.




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