Reflections, Part 2

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In this assignment, we were given the option to write either blogposts or a report on our findings of a company’s communication patterns. The company of choice was QC Immigration and we decided that we want to set up a blog and blog about our findings. I really like this idea since it is different and allows us to explore a new world of blogging. QC Immigration is a really small company, so I think what we found the most difficult was how do we get enough information for good posts; this was one of my thoughts in the beginning at least. However, after having the skype interview with the director and deciding who will focus more on what I think the text started to flow better and we got a chance to share everything we wanted to.

I personally find it amazing how this company manages so well with only a few employees. The director has so much responsibility and it was interesting to find out how she deals with almost everything. It was also interesting for me to see how the communication works there, our assumptions of their communication and the reality of it, what kind of a role social media plays in the company and how well the external communication REALLY works with the government, for example.

Overall it has been a pleasure doing this project and I am really happy that we decided to dive into the world of blogging a bit more with this project.


The team certainly have succeeded with the project. The main goals of the analysis were achieved in the given time, what is the most important indicator of success. Here I want to emphasize several points that made our group task easy and enjoyable.

First of all, overall group organization of the project, and especially Eugenia’s contribution to contacting and arranging a meeting with the director, which made the work flow smoothly.

Secondly, each team member’s individual task was done well and on schedule. It has always been a pleasure to work with my colleagues throughout the year and this time was no exception.

Besides, the company was of a real interest to me and, I suppose, to all of the team members owing to its reputation, worldwide clients and location. This provided a greater incentive to get to know the company and proceed with the project.

In that way, we have not only covered the material about business communication and applied the theoretical knowledge to the real company in practice, but also encountered project management issues. Without doubt, the experience working on a project in a team will leave each of us with valuable experience and new knowledge after everything is done.


Our group project task consisted of discovering ways and effectiveness of communication in QC Immigration, a company providing visa and nationality services for individuals and businesses. Working on this project for four months, our team analysed various channels and tools used by the company to interact with its current stakeholders. The project helped me to learn how to communicate with the company representative in an ethical and friendly manner. In my opinion, the information provided by the firm is relevant to our future career. With the help of this project, I have a better understanding of how the communication not only with employees but with other interested parties should be held. The most essential part was the online conference with the director of QC Immigration – Qiyin Chuah through Skype. I have personally noticed her openness and the strong willingness to coordinate with students and new people. Although the company is relatively small, it was still a great practice for us to act as the real possible stakeholders of QC Immigration.

Moreover, I would like thank my team for the fruitful cooperation. We worked in the polite and friendly atmosphere, and divided all the tasks equally and helped each other in case of difficulties.

Furthermore, the assignment helped me to develop my personal communication and writing skills. Our team has chosen to represent all the data and analysis about the company in the form of a blog. It was an interesting and challenging experience for me to act as a blogger and write blogposts in an appropriate style.

The communication group project is a good way to familiarize with channels and ways real companies use to cooperate with employees and other stakeholders. It helps to develop effective team communication skills and get new and useful information for the future career of business students.




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